Best Free Android Apps 2017

There are a lot of app developers building awesome apps for us to use for free. We are not ones to ask questions, we just download and use. As long as you have an affordable data plan then visit the Google Play Store and download these apps today.



IFTTTAnyone who is anyone is doing something on the web today. There are a lot of repetitive tasks that we have to perform and for a human mind it is a bore. Over 400 apps work with IFTTT including Twitter, Telegram, Google Drive, Twitch, Weather Underground, Instagram, Gmail, and devices like Google Home, Amazon Alexa, Nest, Philips Hue, and your Android OS to automate tasks based on conditions that you set.

Once you set up an applet you can get alerts CraigsList, New York Times and more. Get this app today.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play



facebookGone are the days when Facebook was a selfie sharing social media platform. Whether you are selling, a creative type or blogger you need to be on Facebook It is a great place to gain traffic to your website or drive sales for your products and services.

The Facebook application has one major flaw : power drain. You can control this by disabling live updates and syncing.

The app gives your the power to share your photos and videos direct to your feed or pages you manage. If you are the chatty type then you’ll also need the Messenger App.

There is also a Facebook Lite version in case you have a low-spec budget phone.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play


mSecure – Password Manager

msecure password managerToday we now have Google, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Dropbox, WordPress and several other accounts and we have to keep these passwords in our heads in case we lose, migrate phones or PCs.

A password manager is the best way to keep this information, not a memo-pad or unsecured office document.

The App got a recent update that allows login into third party apps as well as a powerful random password generator. All you need is one master password that you memorize.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play

Nova Launcher

nova launcherWe’ll just come out and say it, all the default launchers that come with phones suck. They are not customizable, you can’t personalize anything and quick access options are limited. Then there is Nova Launcher.It is very fast and lightweight, you phone’s battery won’t suffer at all.

You can add home-screens, icon packs, color schemes, multiple docks, custom folders and quick access gestures. Our favorite is double tap the screen to lock your device. It is a bit more convenient than having to reach all the way to the power button on your 6inch+ phablet.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play


TouchPal Keyboard

touchpal xThe default Android Keyboard, the Samsung Keyboard and other are okay. You can get your work done fast. But the Touchpal Keyboard with emojis, stickers and GIFs is awesome.

One outstanding feature is the multi-clipboard that persists even when you reboot your Android device, handy for people who need to do repetitive copy-paste tasks. The keyboard also comes with hundreds of themes and customization options and settings helping you type the way you want.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play



whatsappThere isn’t much to say about WhatsApp. It is the application that killed text messaging, Skype, the exclusive BBM and voice calls too. You can send photos, videos, documents and the recent updates allow you to send any file type from your Android device in just a few steps.

The expiring and constant updates are annoying but we’ll take it, it is a minor annoyance compared to the features we get for free.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play


Explorer by Speed Software

explorerThe stock Android file browser is okay if you never need to do any file management. If you do, then install the Explorer by Speed Software and if your Android device is rooted then pick up Root Explorer by the same developers.

You get customizable views with several list options, file browser tabs making file copy-pasting way faster, FTP, DropBox, Google Drive and SMB tabs connecting you to your remote files as well.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play


Amazon Kindle

amazon kindleWe know you love buying hard-backs and sitting at the local coffee shop table reading books trying to look sophisticated so that guy or lady notices you. Please stop, that’s bad – install Amazon’s Kindle app instead and purchase e-books from their store.

You carry your entire library with you whether your are on a train-trip, bus or relaxing with a cup of coffee on your couch at home.

Amazon lets you sample books before you buy them and also borrow books from their million-size collection.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play



evernoteThe Evernote app lets you store your notes everywhere. It syncs all your notes whether you typed them on a mobile device or desktop PC.
• Take notes in a variety of formats, including: text, sketches, photos, audio, video, PDFs, web clippings.
• Use camera capture to easily scan and comment on pieces of paper, including printed documents, business cards, handwriting and sketches.
• Attach Microsoft Office docs, PDFs and photos.
• Organize your receipts, bills and invoices.

Download it now : Get it on Google Play

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