The Best Samsung Budget Phones 2017

You want the Samsung Galaxy S8, or maybe you wish to own the Galaxy Note 8. The sad part is you don’t have US$500+ to splurge on a shiny new Galaxy phone but we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together the best cheap Samsung phones that wont leave too big a hole in your credit card debt. Here they are, the best budget phones from the Galaxy A, C and J series of 2017.


Samsung Galaxy J3 Prime

samsung galaxy j3The J3 comes with Android 7 Nougat in a 5” screen that will fit comfortably in your hand. The 5MP camera will take decent pictures that you can share online. You also get 4G LTE connectivity and the 2600mAh battery will have you going for 20 hours before you have to recharge.


At just above $200, the phone is definitely worth every penny.



Samsung Galaxy A3 2017

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes feature packed with a very steep price. Samsung gave us an equivalent, cheap S8 experience with the Galaxy A3.

The phone sports a 720p display on a metal body with 13MP camera gives you great value for money. The curvy edge design with a glass front will feel sturdy and sung in your hand and you can use the phone with one hand.

This phone is a perfect upgrade of the older A3 model, it’s as is Samsung listened to user reviews and gave us the phone that we want.

The $300 price tag is good value for your money.


Samsung Galaxy C7

samsung galaxy c7The Galaxy C-line are mid-tier phones with slim all-metal bodies and affordable prices. If you loved the Galaxy A-line then you’ll love this phone. The C7 has a 5.7-inch screen and will make you feel like a Galaxy Note owner.

The Camera is an awesome 16MP plus the 32GB storage means you’ll snap a lot of selfies without storage space worries.

All this comes at an affordable $320 which is a bargain in our books. Buy this phone.



Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

This is the third-Gen, all Aluminum upgrade to our favorite J5 which seems to have become a series of its own.

The 5.2inch 720p AMOLED display gives the phone a snug palm fit and one handed operation.

The phone was released with a $300 price tag but has dropped to $250 and shows promise of dropping lower given a few more months. If you are not in a rush or still saving then this is the phone to buy.

Van Lee Chigwada

Van Lee Chigwada is a seasoned software developer with experience in OS development, Desktop & Mobile Apps as well as Web Development.