Samsung Galaxy J5 2017 Review

Screen & Body

samsung galaxy j5 2017 screen bodyThe Third Generation J5 got an all Aluminum body and it works. Your phone wont twist or bend and dropping it wont make you cringe. You’ll just pick it up and get back to doing whatever task it is you were performing. The light sensor now does a better job of regulating the screen brightness according to the surrounding light.


The display is a 5.2inch display with a 720p resolution and 282ppi density is an okay offering. For lovers of small and portable phones the size will be perfect. At 71.5% screen-to-body ratio Samsung did waste a bit of real estate as they could have given us more screen form the overall size.

Hardware & Performance

galaxy j7 comparisonThe Octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A53 will give you decent performance with the Android 7 Nougat OS. AT 2GB/3GB of RAM, the J5 2017 will handle whatever multi-tasking you throw at it with ease. You also get 16GB/32GB of internal storage meaning you can carry a lot of files with you before you have to resort to cloud storage options.


An 13MP primary camera and 13MP secondary camera will have you taking better photos compared to the second Gen J5 or other Android phones within the same price range. You can record full HD videos although you may need additional storage which you can get via the microSD card slot.


The CAT 6 300Mbps 4G-LTE will have you streaming your Game of Thrones episodes with a smooth viewing experience. If you need other connectivity options you have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, GLONASS and we also get VoLTE. The J5 2017 sports two sim card slots that you may need if you have two phone numbers.


The battery is an okay 3,000mAh which will have you going for just over 20 hours before you need to re-charge your phone.


Editor’s Opinion

galaxy j5 2017 backThe phone getsĀ  a hand-wavy maybe depending on your needs. If you can’t spare a few extra bucks then get the J5 but if you can, consider the Galaxy A3 instead.

Samsung gave this phone some pretty awesome specs and the RAM is great if you plan to play games or run resource hungry apps.

The phone is relatively new (June 2017) so we are hoping it will get an Android OS upgrade which will give it an edge over some of its 2016 competitors. We’ll have to wait and see what Samsung does.

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

Samsung Galaxy J5 2017

Battery Life






        Body & Design



          • Aluminum body
          • 720p screen
          • 13MP Camera
          • 2GB RAM


          • Non-Removable Battery
          • No Fingerprint Scanner
          • No FM
          • No NFC

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